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Victoria provide clients with access to a range of both general and specialist cleaning services. Supported by our management infrastructure we can ensure delivery is consistent and addresses the individual needs of a client's business.

Victoria General Cleaning Services can provide a service catered to your client needs. Our main background in the past has been medical and clinical cleaning. However, Victoria can tailor your specific requirement to fit with many of our services. Please see below for just some of the services we offer.
  Clinical cleaning; knowledge and ability to clean within clinical and sterile environments. Infection control, swab and clinical waste disposal.
2 General cleaning; social cleaning in keeping with clients' business needs.
3 Window cleaning; highly skilled, safe, high level operations including Tucker Pole.
4 Kitchen Cleaning; use of special cleaning materials and methods, dismantling and isolation of electrical filters and trunking.
5 Toilet hygiene; descaling, cleaning, disinfecting, dismantling tracts and units. Wall washing.
6 Small works; painting and decorating, tiling for walls and floors.
7 Warehouse and distribution; engineering, warehousing and maintenance of all machinery and materials.
Find out more about our services by requesting a brochure on our contact page.